(First) No To Norman! Action

Last night Fed Up Queers had our first (of many) actions and we are going to call it a success. A group of 5 Fed Up Queers met at 11 P.M. outside of Norman Jones club “Discovery” and we started displaying our fabulous signs and handing out information to people who would stop for it.

Norman Action LayoutHere is a picture of the actual area, so that you know exactly what we are talking about. At the corner of Cantrell & Jessie Rd., we handed out this information. To get the full¬†fabulousness of this flier, please imagine it on a really amazing colored paper. Maybe it was called ‘angry lava’, we don’t remember.

norman handout single

As they turned the corner to get to Discovery, they started to see our signs along Jessie Rd. If you look at the picture, you can see that a set of train tracks goes across Jessie Rd. and we were lucky enough to have a train park there for almost the entire time we were there (11-midnight). This made it very easy for us to give out information, as people were already stopped and many folks had rolled down their windows to ask us for directions to the party. Around 11:50, the train finally left and getting people to stop for us became much more challenging.

It is at this time that a very, very upset Norman Jones drove up with 2 people who appeared to be police officers, however never let that be known who they were with and no one remembers ever seeing any identification. At first the security folks gave us many different instructions on where we could be and what we could doing. They said that we had to stop obstructing traffic and we could no longer hand out information. Then said that we could not display ANY images (including text…) on public property, without a permit. Overall, they seemed to be very confused at what laws we were actually breaking and when asked, told us to look it up for ourselves. While one Fed Up Queer was talking to one of the security guards, Norman Jones came up behind them and physically took the stack of fliers from their hand, which (we know you are reading this, Norman) will be the last time anything like that is ever allowed to happen again.

I will exploit you

Please note that this picture does this no justice. The sign is actually 6+ feet tall.

We decided that we would just leave, as we had already given out around 400 fliers to folks in cars and our night had gone well. This was our first “No to Norman” action and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for our visits to the NOrman Discovery/Backstreet complex.

Stay Safe, Stay Fabulous.


Fed Up Queers

Queer Liberation


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Help with projects! We need your hands and ideas!

If you are fed up with something in Arkansas, let us know! Here are some ideas for projects that we are interested in working on.

Creating a survey on police violence/harassment, specifically towards the Queer and/or Homeless folks in Little Rock.

Creating a database of safe houses/spaces for Queer/Trans/Gender non-conforming young folks to go, when or if they are kicked out of their house.

Hosting a Trans/Sex Worker self defence class.

Put together and offer workshops on street art/wheat pasting/stencil making/other mediums that we can use to fuck shit up.

This list is wonderful, but we need more ideas. We also need to get folks together who are interested in working on one or all of these issues! Let us know!

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